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Occult's English Homepage
Occult is a bi-weekly radioshow that is broadcast locally from "Det Åbne Båndværksted" in Århus.
The show is about (of course) the occult, but also deals with subjects spanning from the latest scientific
breakthroughs to the newest movies and books.

And here are the people behind the show:
Niels Friis Nielsen Erik Mørch
Niels Friis Nielsen Erik Mørch
Producer Reporter
Webmaster Researcher

The story

Occult started airing from "Det Åbne Båndværksted" April 16, 1996 after termination of the show "Midnight Special" with Niels Friis Nielsen and Kenneth Dan Jensen in the studio.

After about six months in the air, Erik Ringsborg Mørch joined the team as a free-lance consultant.
After being a part of the show from the start in 1996, Kenneth chose to pursue other interests, and Erik got promoted to full co-host status.

At this point the program changed from a geeky horror-comedy show to its present incarnation: A serious program featuring different paranormal subjects, the latest scientific breakthroughs, reviews of the latest movies and books and a general commentary on paranormal phenomenon in daily life.

May 19, 1998 we expanded our concept to include the Science-Fiction and Fantasy genres.

On december 1, 1999 we aired the first episode of our feature "Occult on Patrol", a radio drama written and produced exclusively by Occult.

April 10, 2002 Occults staff expanded to include Jette Carlsen who had played the part(s) of the two androids "Anna" and "Line" in "Occult on Patrol".
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Jette in early 2003 since she was moving to Copenhagen.

January 14, 2004 Terese Refsgaard who had previously served a brief stint as a trainee editor, returned to Occult in replacement of Jette.
Unfortunately, she left again later that year.



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